How to Start a Program

If you are an employer looking to start an apprenticeship program, the initial step is to get in contact with an ApprenticeshipNC Regional Specialist. These experienced consultants can help you and your business develop a customized apprenticeship program that will meet your needs and goals. Below is a map to help you get in contact with your local ApprenticeshipNC consultant.

Before contacting your ApprenticeshipNC consultants, however, it is helpful to think about a few characteristics of your business. The following questions will expedite the process of starting an apprenticeship program:

What industry are you in?

Apprenticeships in North Carolina exist across a wide range of industries Apprenticeships are especially prominent in manufacturing and construction. Recently, however, medical and utility industries are also increasingly offering apprenticeship in an effort to streamline the entry of much needed talented employees. If your business does not fall under the aforementioned industries, do not worry as ApprenticeshipNC consultants are constantly looking to expand apprenticeship to new professional fields.

How big or small do you want your apprenticeship program to be?

Businesses of all sizes ranging from family-owned to multinational corporations are realizing that long-investment potential that apprenticeships bring. As a result, North Carolina has apprenticeship programs of varying sizes, ranging from only one every year to a couple dozen annually. An important consideration when determining the size of your planned apprenticeship program is that apprenticeships required veteran workers to mentor novice apprentices, a facet that may cause a short term decrease in productivity. Therefore, many businesses decide to start small and grow over time as they optimize their apprenticeship programs in terms of efficiency. In addition, an apprenticeship program is a venue of investment. and the training and education of a single apprentice can cost upwards of $100,000. Fortunately, ApprenticeshipNC consultants can help lower costs and increase your return on investment using state grants and governmental codes. On average, a graduating class of an apprenticeship program has about 17 apprentices.

How long with your apprenticeship program last?

The duration of apprenticeship programs can vary greatly between industries. For instance, an apprenticeship in transportation can last as little as six weeks while an apprenticeship in cybersecurity can last as long as eight years. Generally, the longer the duration of an apprenticeship program. the greater the commitment is takes on both the company and the apprentice to see a return on investment. Be sure to look at other existing apprenticeship programs in your respective industry to establish the appropriate duration of your apprenticeship program. It may be beneficial to coordinate with your local community college institutions as well, as they are the ones with whom you will be working to create your customized education curriculum.